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24K Gold Mask

24K Gold Mask        

   24 Carat Gold Mask for gold facial treatment The pure gold is valuable for skin care  

which helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and Skin will be firmer,  more resilient,

youthful and helps with cell renewal. 

Product Information:  Gold Mask  size 19x20 cm. approx. weigh 0.12 grams. 

Main ingredient:    aurums 99.9%  and  argentum  0.1%   

Instructions for use: One mask for one treatment.  Please see the twelve step      

Instructions enclosed for your gold facial treatment.    

We recommend that you to use 24 K Gold Serum  between each gold treatment


                                                24 Carat Gold  Facial Mask

gold mask


24K Gold Facial Mask

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